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Mission: Mars

Join a once in a lifetime mission! In the mission you will go through the astronaut selection process. If successful, you will join the first manned flight to Mars to find life signs!

You must prove yourselves along the way via interesting challenges and smart and creative puzzles. Think you've got what it takes to be the first people to land on the red planet?

45-80 minutes

One difficulty

English, עברית

The Vaccine Chase

In this virtual escape room, you will find yourself solving challenging puzzles to safely transfer the vaccine formula to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

You are welcome for an adventure where you will answer riddles and solve puzzles with interesting and challenging questions. You will have to work collaboratively and creatively to face the challenges along the way!

30-60 minutes

One difficulty

English, עברית

About Us

Enibot is a technology start-up that has developed and operates an online platform for creating interactive digital games and virtual escape rooms that provide a unique and challenging gaming experience suitable for all ages, encouraging teamwork, creativity and thinking abilities outside the box. It combines gamification techniques, learning based-games, storytelling, cooperative learning, active learning and motivation for action.

The platform includes a scoring and ranking mechanism for competition and enables real-time data analysis based on game progress, wrong answers, use of hints and solutions. In addition, the platform supports adding multiple languages, difficulty levels, adjustments and branding, parallel game for groups, order management and tickets, payment processing and discount codes.

The Team

After gaining experience together in hundreds of escape rooms, we came to the conclusion that it was time to create something special.
We combined together puzzles and games with our unique and fun platform to create the perfect gaming experience for you!

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