Frequently Asked Questions

Who should play?

The game is suitable for ages 13+ Each ticket activates the game on a single computer for up to 6 players locally. We recommend playing it on a big monitor or TV and with a mouse (not a touchpad).

If you wish to split up and compete, you will need additional game tickets.

When and how do we play?

You can buy game tickets or redeem a ticket code, and play anytime you wish if your tickets are still valid.

After processing your payment, you will receive automated emails with your tickets, payment confirmation and invoice. Go to the tickets page and start the game according to the instructions.

We recommend trying the practice question and get familiar with our platform.

What happens if I cannot solve the puzzles?

We want everyone to enjoy our escape room, so if you need a little helping hand, we have a built-in hints and solutions feature, so you will not get stuck.

How do you calculate the score of the game?

Your score is calculated based on your overall time, the number of incorrect answers you submit, and the number of hints and solutions you used.
Skipping a puzzle by using a solution also means you will not gain any points for that puzzle.

How long does the escape last?

The average game length can be seen in the game's page and depends on the players. There is no maximum time limit, so you can enjoy the game at your own pace!
However, keep in mind that your score is also calculated based on your overall time, so make sure to be quick if you are competing against others!

What kind of device can I play on?

This virtual escape room can be played on laptop and desktop computers with an updated browser. If there are any extensions installed in your browser, you should switch to Private/Incognito mode. The game is all within your browser - there is no software to download. You do need a stable internet connection.
Mobile and tablet devices are currently not supported.

How much does it cost?

The price of a game ticket can be seen in the game's page, and tickets are valid for 1 month after the date of purchase.
Tickets are transferable, so they make great gifts!
We also offer ticket customization and branding options for a purchase quantity, Perfect for a birthday or corporate events (contact us).

Cancellations can be made within 14 days of purchase, and as long as the ticket has not been used.

Team Building for teams and corporates

Are you looking for fun team building activities for your employees?
Do you want to give your employees and their families a special gift?
Is your team feeling disconnected while working from home?
More than 1,000 players can be played in parallel. We also offer a live host for your event.
Feel free to contact us for more details.

Can I play with my friends via video conferencing software like Zoom and share the screen?

Yes, but this game has videos and interactive puzzles which are not optimized for screen sharing and only the player that runs the game will have full control and optimal experience.
We recommend having a separate ticket for each player to play together while video conferencing without screen sharing. This way, you will solve the puzzles together, but everyone will need to enter the solution simultaneously and to be fully active to progress in the game.

How can we compete against others?

You can compete against each other and against multiple teams in real time and do video conferencing without screen sharing. This could be also set as a competition with prizes.
The players or the teams with the highest score win! The score is calculated based on the overall game time, the number of incorrect answers, and the number of hints and solutions used.

Still have questions?

Please fill in the contact us form or email us at [email protected]